“Consciously or unconsciously everyone writes as a partisan.”

george orwell

the free press has a modest goal – to bring information about systemic media bias to the doors of ordinary people.

Media distortion, based on ownership of the press by billionaires and big business, is predictable and well-documented – but how many people have access to the resources required to see through the elaborate academic culture that “manufactures consent” for unpopular policies?

Our monthly journal, crammed into two sides of A4 to minimise the environmental impact of printing, will bring current examples of media propaganda directly to doorsteps, community centres and workplaces – with your help!

what, us?

It’s easy to feel like there’s nothing you can do about the injustices in the world…

No more!

Hook up your printer, rattle off some copies of The Free Press? and deliver them to your neighbours, friends, work colleagues.

Better yet…get online in your local area and see if you can coordinate the delivery of The Free Press? Can you cover a whole neighbourhood, town, city!?

why is it important?

For too long the media have bent narratives towards the interests of those who own them, advertise in them and profit from them. The consequence is a “profit first” world of injustice, alienation and imminent ecological collapse.

A different world will only become possible when enough people see through corporate propaganda and the assumptions, myths, misdirection, misreporting, under-reporting and smear campaigns (poor Jeremy Corbyn) that are their poisons of choice.

Will you help deliver the antidote?

Sean Rankin Politics/Media curtain-twitcher. Socialist. Pro-Independence. Stravaiger. Retweets funnier and more articulate people here: @ClydesiderRed

Steven McCracken is especially interested in interconnections between media, politics and business

declaration of independence!

Both of us self-identify as lower middle class and have been university educated. One of us is a healthcare worker, the other works as a support worker in an academic institution. We identify with left wing views. However, as we highlight in our explanation of media bias, we do not believe media bias is a left-wing or right-wing issue.

Nonetheless, we acknowledge the mid-20th century trend of thought highlighting the difficulty (impossibility?) of objective analysis. We allow that our experiences, opinions and interests will find their way into our articles.

We believe this differentiates us from mainstream journalists, who present themselves as “objective” and dismiss any indications to the contrary as a “conspiracy theory”!

We have told you about our own potential for bias, use our website to learn about bias in the rest of the media!