Question Time

On this page you will find scorecards documenting elite bias on the BBC’s flagship panel discussion show Question Time. For full details on the project read the original blog post.

Bias in guest selection is a key way in which the corporate press binds debate within parameters that are acceptable to the wealthy. The scorecards below highlight that virtually every guest on Question Time is among the top 10% of earners in the UK.

Economic issues are discussed almost every week on Question Time. Millionaires and top bracket earners discussing joblessness and food banks should be as ludicrous as an all-white panel discussing race, yet it happens virtually every week.

Will the BBC make Question Time more representative in this respect? Follow us on Twitter and find out how they respond to our final report…

Episode 10 – 15/10/20

Episode 9 – 8/10/20

Episode 8 – 1/10/20

Episode 7 – 24/9/20

Episode 6 – 17/9/20

***Correction to above scorecard – TWO verified millionaires on show (Nadhim Zahawi is also a verified millionaire)

Episode 5 – 25/6/20

Episode 4 – 18/6/20

Episode 3 – 14/9/20

Episode 2 – 4/6/20

Episode 1 – 28/5/20