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Jon Snow (left) sharing a drink with Peter Snow and Dan Snow. The Snows, like the Dimblebys, appear to be a British establishment franchise

The Matrix Project is an effort to document personal factors that undermine powerful journalists’ claims of objectivity and impartiality. Are factors such as an elite education, establishment connections, personal wealth and interests in rival fields compatible with journalistic integrity? 

This page looks at Channel 4 News journalist Jon Snow. For more information on the database click here.


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Jon Snow attended the private/independent schools Ardingly College in Sussex and St Edward’s in Oxford (source)

He studied at a non-Oxbridge university

Revolving Door

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Jon Snow has no significant professional experience in politics or business

“Establishment” Connections

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Jon Snow’s grandfather was Thomas D’Oyly Snow, a First World War General whose military involvement included command at the Battle of the Somme, where he “sent thousands of men to their deaths” (The Guardian)

Jon Snow’s father was George D’Oyly Snow, the Bishop of Whitby (source)

Jon Snow is the cousin of retired journalist Peter Snow, the long-time Newsnight presenter and BBC journalist. Jon has conceded that the connection to an established journalist likely helped his career – “ITN followed, and I’m sure nepotism must have crept in somewhere” (source)

Jon Snow is married to scientist and entrepreneur Precious Lunga, CEO and Co-Founder of the Baobab Circle health technology company (source)


Peter Snow’s son Dan, a historian and TV presenter, is another well-known media relation of Jon Snow (source)

Salary/Indications of Wealth

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Multiple sources report that Jon Snow is one of the highest earning newsreaders in the UK, with an annual salary in the region of £1 million (source 1) (source 2)

As a point of reference, the Office for National Statistics list the average UK salary for 2021 as £26,193

Complaints / apologies / Controversies

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Cleared by Ofcom – Thousands of complaints were received when Jon Snow stated, during coverage of a pro-Brexit protest, that he had “never seen so many white people in one place”. He was cleared by Ofcom, who found that sufficient context had been provided for the statement.

“Fuck the Tories” – Jon Snow was “reminded of his responsibilities” by Channel 4 after reports that he chanted “Fuck the Tories” while at the Glastonbury festival. Conservative MPs and elements of the right-wing media had called for him to be sacked.  


Look, there is no such as a neutral human being. I’m not dogmatically or doctrinally or party-politically motivated but, yes, I am political and I think that the best journalists in the world are



Jon Snow describes himself as a “pious pink liberal” but comes from the heart of the Establishment. His grandfather was a First World War general, his father was a bishop and a nepotistic connection to Peter Snow advanced his journalistic career.

Jon Snow attended private school and earns in the region of a million pounds a year.

Indepedent? Impartial? Holding power to account?

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