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Associate editor of Daily Mirror Kevin Maguire.

The Matrix Project is an effort to document personal factors that undermine powerful journalists’ claims of objectivity and impartiality. Are factors such as an elite education, establishment connections, personal wealth and interests in rival fields compatible with journalistic integrity? 

This page looks at Daily Mirror associate editor and journalist Kevin Maguire. For more information on the database click here.


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Kevin Maguire attended non-selective state schools.

Maguire graduated with a Degree in Politics from University of York and post-grad Diploma in Journalism from Cardiff University. (Source)

Revolving Door

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Kevin Maguire has no significant experience in politics or business.

“Establishment” Connections

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Kevin Maguire is married to journalist and author Emma Burstall. (Source)



Salary/Indications of Wealth

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Neither Kevin Maguire nor The Daily Mirror disclose salary information. As an associate editor of The Mirror, as well as regularly contributing to the New Statesman and Good Morning Britain, Maguire is likely to earn significantly more than the UK average.

As a point of reference, the Office for National Statistics list the average UK salary for 2021 as £26,193. It is evident that Julia earns vastly in excess of this amount per year.

Complaints / apologies / controversies

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Maguire was briefly embroiled in the controversy surrounding a clandestine group of Labour Party officials who launched an e-mail smear-campaign against Conservative MP’s in 2009. The plot involved spin doctor Derek Draper and Gordon Brown aide Damian McBride and the BBC reported that Maguire had been present at a meeting a month before the e-mails were sent, with Draper, McBride and then Labour Party General Secretary Ray Collins also in attendance. Maguire stated that he had attended the meeting to discuss Labour’s digital campaign strategy and that “I can say categorically that smears were not discussed.”



Kevin Maguire is likely to earn significantly more than the average UK salary and is married to a successful author and journalist.

Impartial? Independent? Holding the powerful to account?

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