Labour Together Watch: Final Financial Activity Report 2021 (Q4)


Martin Taylor: £80,000. (£218,500)

Trevor Chinn: £0. (£90,000)

Total: £80,000. (£308,500)


None. (£13,520)


[Bracketed amount indicates running total for the year.]


Total donations received: £308,500.

Total number of Donors: 2.

Total donations made: £13,520.

Total number of recipients: 1.


Net Current Assets declared for 2021: £18,570.



Lets put these numbers in some context.

For a third year running, Labour Together received donations from only two declared sources, Martin Taylor and Trevor Chinn (find out more about them here).

In 2021, Taylor donated a total of £218,500 to Labour Together, but donated only £10,000 to the Labour Party itself.

Similarly, Trevor Chinn donated £90,000 to Labour Together, but only £22,500 to the Party itself, plus two individual Labour politicians.

For comparison, we randomly selected GMB as representative of the average annual donations the big UK trade unions make to Labour, and their average membership numbers.

In 2021, GMB are registered as donating £1.4M to the central Labour Party, constituency offices and individual politicians. The GMB membership is over 500,000.

This means just these two wealthy donors have donated to Labour Together roughly a quarter of what 500,000 GMB members contributed to the entire Labour cause.

Aside from this rotten burgh patronage, another interesting aspect of Labour Together activity is how the organisation has distributed these vast reserves.

From a total of £308,500 received, Labour Together made a single donation in 2021, giving Rachel Reeves £13,520 (which we covered here). This is the same Rachel Reeves who recently suggested that “a drop in Labour membership, which has reduced the party’s income, was a price worth paying for shedding unwelcome supporters”.

This is a neat illustration of the Labour Together Tendency’s priorities. Despite a massive financial shortfall for the Party, the focus for this faction is gaining financial security underwritten by millionaires, rather than a grassroots movement supported by actual members.

As a political project, they are more interested in gaining control of the Party for themselves, than gaining control of government for the rest of us.

This also leaves £294,980, spent on what?

An educated guess would say it must go on administration, campaigning and lobbying. The question is, who are Labour Together lobbying, who is their campaigning targeting, and in whose interests are they really operating?

As previously stated we have attempted to contact several board members of Labour Together to ask them about the organisation’s financial activities, but as yet we have had no response.

To conclude, Labour Together are an unaccountable, unelected and opaque organisation. They are so dependent on the classic Tory funding model of a handful of millionaire donors to gain access to power, that any claims to political independence or genuine Socialist values are laughable.

The growing influence of Labour Together and their network means also a growing number of Socialist Labour members becoming “unwelcome supporters”.

As Gramsci said:

“How could men who mistrusted each other, who precisely at the moment of action saw that it was necessary to protect their backs from their own fellow-members, possibly remain together in the same party?”

Perhaps it’s time Labour Together, and their political sugar daddies are made to feel unwelcome?

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